Thinkers of the Jungle Buku Koleksi Orangutan Museum

Thingkers of the Jungle donated Tito

Thingkers of the Jungle, donated book Tito Indrawan

Thinkers of the Jungle Buku Koleksi Orangutan Museum.

Buku diatas adalah buku sumbangan Tito Indrawan Ketapang ke Orangutan Museum.

Deskripsi buku.

  • Thinkers of the Jungle, The Orangutan Report, Picture Facts Background.
  • Author : Gerd Schuster, Willie Smith, Jay Ullal.
  • Publisher : Ullmann.
  • Orangutan sare among our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. They share 97 % of their genes with us, they are highly intelligent, thoughtful and inventive. They have a culture and aesthetic sense, and they resemble us in facial expression, gesture and many other ways. The red apes, which live only in Borneo and Sumatra, are far more “human” than human beings, and thus probably too good for this world. They are strong as oxen, but do not defend themselves againts poachers or the loggers of the palm oil corporations – and are mercilessly slaughtered. This is an unusual portrait of the being we know as the orangutan that goes far beyond mere zoology. Based on the personal experience of Dr Willie Smits, probably the leading world authority on orangutans, it uncovers the reasons behind the murder of our shaggy relatives – sparing no fellings and providing good evidance. And shows too that all hope is not yet lost.
  • Species protection and the fight againts climate change – can they go together ? Yes – that’s proved by the spectacular facts that the authors of this book have researshed and now published for the first time. The destruction oh the rainforest is not only fuelling global warning but systematically annihilating the habitat of the orangutan. Whatever the declarations of intent on the part of those involved, almost nothing is being done to protect this endangered great ape : that’s the schoking message of this book, and the same time a call to action. This state of affairs is impressively documented by sensational and hitherto unpublished photos taken during the photographer’s travel in Borneo and Sumatra.


Orangutan Museum

Orangutan Museum

Orangutan Museum adalah museum orangutan pertama didunia, didirikan oleh Herfin Yulianto di Pontianak. Museum kecil yang memiliki galeri dan perpustakaan, menyajikan karya seni tentang orangutan dan buku pengetahuan tentang orangutan. Buka setiap hari 10.00 – 17.00 wib dengan donasi tiket masuk Rp. 10.000.

Alamat Orangutan Museum : Jln. R.E. Martadinata No.12. Depan Gang Buncis Perumnas 1. Pontianak – Kalimantan Barat. Indonesia. Contacts : Linda Lestari 0812-5628-3499. Herfin Yulianto 0811-57-6459.

Review tentang Orangutan Museum.

Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE

Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE


Vili Hajdic - Europe Slovenija

Vili Hajdic in Orangutan Museum



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