Orangutan Diary in Orangutan Museum Library.

Orangutan Diary, donated Herfin Yulianto

Orangutan Diary, donated Herfin Yulianto


Orangutan Diary in Orangutan Museum Library.

Herfin Yulianto menyumbangkan dvd Orangutan Diary ke Museum Orangutan.

  • Dvd : Orangutan Diary.
  • Donation Dvd : Herfin Yulianto.
  • Origin : Pontianak, Indonesia.


Dvd Description.

  • Orangutan Diary.
  • Presented: Michaela Strachan and Steve Leonard.
  • Publisher : BBC – English Version.
  • Taking Care of the Relative – An intimate and engaging look at the most beguiling of the great apes.
  • Michaela and Steve spend a moving and inspirational week at an orangutan rehabilitation centre revealing the most loveable of orphans, gripping life – or – death rescue cases and the heart-breaking-plight of these charming creatures.
  • Over half of Borneo’s rainforests have been destroyed in the last 20 years, mainly to make way for palm oil plantations. Theatened by massive habitat loss, many orangs die from starvation, others end up being sold into the ilegal pet trade. The lucky ones end up Nyaru Menteng, the rescue operation run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.
  • In the course of the week, Steve and Michaela join dangerous rescue missions to retrieve orphaned babies intended for the cruel pet trade and help the older orangutans take the tentative first steps back into a life in the wild.
  • The sanctuary is a lifeline for more than 500 orangutans and we soon get to know – and love – some amazing characters : Grendon, the hilarous, if none – too – bright, two – years – old who flunks ‘ Forest School ‘ when his nest falls out the tree : Lomon who arrives on the brink of death but makes an amazing and heart – warming recovery and Zorro, a 13 – years – old who is about to get his first taste of freedom after a lifetime behind bars.





Orangutan Museum berlokasi di Pontianak. Museum ini terbuka untuk umum, anda dapat datang mengunjungi museum ini.

Anda dapat membuka referensi tentang Museum Orangutan di Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor adalah situs wisata berlevel dunia yang membantu memberikan informasi atau mereferensikan seluruh objek wisata di berbagai negara kepada para turis. Kami juga menampilkan link alamat Orangutan Museum di Trip Advisor. Anda bisa masuk ke link tersebut dan anda bisa memberikan review pendapat anda tentang Orangutan Museum, serta anda dapat menguplod foto-foto anda ketika berada di museum.


Museum Orangutan Pertama di Dunia, Hanya Ada di Pontianak.

The World’s First Orangutan Museum, Only in Pontianak.


Orangutan Museum is located in Pontianak. The museum is open to the public, you can come visit this museum.

You can open references to the Orangutan Museum on Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor is a world-class tourist site that helps information or reference all tourist attractions in various countries to tourists. We also display Orangutan Museum link address in Trip Advisor. You can go to the link and you can give your opinion review about Orangutan Museum, and you can upload your photos while in museum.



About Orangutan Museum.

  • The World’s First Orangutan Museum.
  • Museum Orangutan Pertama di Dunia.


  • We built the Museum of Orangutan with the Participation of many people.
  • Kami membangun Museum Orangutan dengan Partisipasi banyak orang.


  • Many foreign tourists visit the Orangutan Museum.
  • Banyak wisatawan asing mengunjungi Orangutan Museum.


  • Orangutan Mural Wall as a favorite place for visitors to take pictures.
  • Dinding Mural Orangutan sebagai tempat favorit pengunjung untuk berfoto.



  • Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE.



  • Art Museums.



  • Everyday. 10.00 wib – 17.00 wib.



  • Free – Gratis.






Address Orangutan Museum.

  • at Tamasya Puri Wisata.
  • JL. R.E. Martadinata No.12. Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.
  • Location in front of Gang Buncis, Perumnas 1.


  • Phone: 0561-777889.
  • Mobile phone/whatsapp: 0812 5628 3499 Linda Lestari.
  • Mobile phone/whatsapp: 0811 57 6459 Herfin Yulianto.
  • Email: tpwtour@gmail.com


  • Payment by bank transfer : Bank BCA, KCU Pontianak. An. Herfin Yulianto, SE. Nomer rekening : 029-158-3201.
  • Payment by bank transfer : Bank Mandiri, KCP Pontianak Ahmad Yani. An. Herfin Yulianto, SE. Nomer rekening : 146-00-0457539-0.
  • Open Legal Company : TamasyaPuriWisata.Com.


Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE

Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE


Tim Floor - Nederland

Tim Floor – Nederland


Vili Hajdic - Europe Slovenija

Vili Hajdic – Europe Slovenija



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