Bakso Kuah Anto Food Drink Pontianak

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Indonesia Pontianak Street Food PENTOL KUAH MAS ANTO Lima Ribu Rupiah.

Bakso Kuah Keliling Pontianak Food Tour


Bakso Kuah Keliling ketika mangkal di gang Gajahmada 9. Pontianak. Kalimantan Barat. Cp. Anto 0853-3220-6664.

Video by Tourists Meeting Points @ Pontianak Food Tour Jl. Gajahmada Coffee Street. Gang Gajahmada 9. No.2–4. Beside Danamon Bank Pontianak. Cp. Herfin Yulianto 0811-57-6459.

Bakso Kuah Anto Food Drink Pontianak.


Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE

Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE


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