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Mr. Herfin Yulianto

Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE.




PT. Tamasya Puri Wisata is Tours & Travel Agencies in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Licensed of ASITA. Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies.

WARNING : Avoid Unlicensed Tour Operators. Non-Lokal Tour Operators Must Collaborate With Local Tour Operators.

PERINGATAN : Hindari Tur Operator Tidak Ber-Izin. Operator Tur Non-Lokal Harus Berkolaborasi Dengan Tur Operator Lokal.





  1. Certificate Minister of Justice & Human Rights Republic of Indonesia – AHU-61836.AH.01.01.Tahun2011.
  2. Notary Public Nurulita Christiana Mayasari, SH.M.Kn. 22 September 2011, No.16.
  3. Member of ASITA – Association of The Indonesian Tour & Travel Agencies – KEP.SERT.4765/IV/DPP/2013.
  4. Certificate Signs List of Tourism Business Pontianak City Government – 503/09/BP2T/TDUP/R-I/2013.
  5. Certificate of Permit Place of Business Pontianak City Government – 503/22/BP2T/R-III/B/2013.
  6. Certificates Signs List of Company Pontianak City Government –


  • Director : Mr. Herfin Yulianto, SE.
  • Address : Jalan R.E. Martadinata No. 12. Pontianak, West Kalimantan – Indonesia.
  • Phone: 0561-777889.
  • Mobile/Whatsapp : 0812 5628 3499, Mrs. Linda Lestari.
  • Email : [email protected]

Our Service.

  1. Flight Ticket Sales.
  2. Muslim Tour Halal Food.
  3. Bike Tour & Rental.
  4. Motorcycle Tour.
  5. Bus Tour.
  6. Tour Calendar.
  7. Orangutan Museum.
  8. Borneo Culture Indonesia Craftstore.
  9. Hangout Spot.

Transaction payment by bank transfer.

  • Bank BCA, KCU Pontianak. An. Herfin Yulianto, SE. Nomer rekening : 029-158-3201.
  • Bank Mandiri, KCP Pontianak Ahmad Yani. An. Herfin Yulianto, SE. Nomer rekening : 146-00-0457539-0.


Instagram https://goo.gl/KRBCft
Google+ https://goo.gl/y8khji
Twitter https://goo.gl/NuShW1
Facebook https://goo.gl/89VAQS
Tripadvisor https://goo.gl/Y6J2FL
Website https://goo.gl/CZ4PfU





Peluang Opportunity Menjadi Supplier Tourism Products.

We open opportunities to companies in the field of tourism to become our partners, as a supplier of tourism products to our company.

The category of tourism products we need now is. Immediately send your company offer to our email address : [email protected]

  • Tour Operator.
  • Bicycle Tour Operator.
  • Diving Tour Operator.
  • Orangutan Tour Operator.
  • International Bicycles Event Organizer.
  • International MotoGP Circuit.
  • National Parks.
  • Cruising Ship.
  • Leisure Centre.
  • Hospital.
  • Craft Makers.
  • Hotel.
  • Car Tour.
  • Etc.
Mr. Jacky Mussry Deputi CEO Mark Plus Incc and Mr. Herfin Yulianto

Mr. Jacky Mussry Deputi CEO Mark Plus Inc and Mr. Herfin Yulianto

Tamasya Puri Wisata Card Name

Tamasya Puri Wisata Card Name

Tamasya Puri Wisata Card Name

Tamasya Puri Wisata Card Name

Orangutan Museum

Orangutan Museum

Bike Tour Pontianak

Bike Tour Pontianak

Cap Go Meh Singkawang

Tour Cap Go Meh Singkawang

Craft Clothes - Borneo Culture Indonesia

Craft Store – Borneo Culture Indonesia


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